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A boiler operation involves the use of natural gas, oil, electricity, or propane to ignite a combustion chamber, electric ignition system or pilot, and heat water in the boiler chamber. The hot water then circulates through pipes to the home’s heat distribution system, which can be iron radiators, copper fin baseboard radiators, air handlers, or in-floor radiant heating. If you plan to use your existing ductwork and want to buy a boiler, you’ll need to install an air handler. An air handler has a heating coil and a fan to push air through the heating coil, which warms the air and distributes it through the ductwork into every room. If you use a radiator or in-floor heating and want to have AC in the summers, consider installing a ductless heat pump or ductless cooling system. A boiler has several parts, including a burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, electrical components, controls, heat emitter options, and flue. Annual boiler maintenance by a Afrusun licensed technician is the best way to ensure your boiler always operates at its peak efficiency.

Boiler efficiency is critical in selecting the right boiler for your home. The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating communicates how efficient the unit performs in a year, and homeowners should choose boilers with a minimum efficiency of 92% for the best balance between monthly energy savings and upfront cost. Many factors help determine the best boiler for your home, including the heat distribution method, available space, size, and age of the home, number of bathrooms, and hot water supply needs. Boilers are sized by BTU output, and an HVAC consultant will perform a heat loss and heat gain calculation to determine the right size of the boiler. The wrong size can negatively impact your unit’s efficiency and cost more to operate. The types of boilers to consider are dependent on your heat distribution method and desired efficiency. Installation of a boiler by a licensed technician from Afrusun involves a detailed consulation to best fit your needs.

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